The Best Training on Entrepreneurial Persistence Ever Recorded

President Calvin Coolidge said:

I do not believe in Quitting but I do believe there are times in life when we must be smart enough to pivot!

Early in my entrepreneurial career, it got very tough. There were many times I briefly thought about throwing in the towel. There are no questions that entrepreneurial persistence is a must.

There are two resources that really kept me in the game early in my career. One was a Poem called Never Quit that I must have read hundreds of times and the other was a video audio training called Prime the Pump by the legendary Zig Ziglar. I was able to do some research and found them both. I wanted to make them available for readers of Save Your Bucks. I hope they help entrepreneurs that need persistence motivation, stay in the game.

Here is the classic entrepreneurial persistence training by the one
and only Zig Ziglar called Prime the Pump Handles.

Another Classic Personal Development Video

The Strangest Secret (to Success)