7 best income generating assets to invest in today

      Wealth can be created by all people who live in a free enterprise system, if they are willing to become self-educated, and created a plan.  If you have enough income coming in from your INVESTMENTS, to live a comfortable life, you have created wealth.    The goal is not to work for […]

Why Now is the Time to Invest in Sports Cards

      Jeff Wilson For some of us it is hard to believe, but sports card investing is making a huge comeback. Here are 9 reasons the sports card investing buzz is here to stay this time. In this article you will learn why sports card investing is making a huge comeback and why […]

Peer to Peer Lending Resource Guide

  All right so peer-to-peer lending that’s we’re going to be talking about in this article. What it entails, the pros of it, some very important cons that you’ll definitely want to be aware of before you actually jump into this investment strategy.   WHAT IS PEER-TO-PEER LENDING? It’s actually pretty self-explanatory its peer-to-peer lending. […]

Investing in Residential Real Estate

Brad Michael Investing in Residential Rental Property   Real Estate is one of the best ways an average person can build wealth and produce income. There are many different ways you can invest in real estate; residential rental property, fixing up and selling, commercial rental, real estate investment trusts, development and so on. Today I […]

Protecting your Credit Score Action Plan

  What is a credit score?    Credit score is a number that is assigned to you based on how well you pay your loan and credit card payments.  If you pay your payments on time, your score will be higher. If you make your payments late (over 30 days past the due date), your […]

5 Reasons Your First Home Should Be A Duplex

  You can live in one side of a duplex and use the other side as a rental property, an office, or a guesthouse. When most people think about buying their first home, three options typically come to mind: single-family home, townhouse, or condo. But there’s a fourth option to consider: a duplex home. Owning […]

The 5 Best Short – Term Investment Strategies for 2020

Joseph Hogue  CFA       There’s something to be said for those short-term investments with the potential to make you a lot of money in a matter of months or even weeks. I made over twenty grand on futures contracts for oil prices in a short term two month period and regularly use these […]

8 Steps to Avoid When Choosing a Financial Advisor in 2020

  The number of consumers who end up taking financial advise from the wrong advisors is horrifying, please don’t be those people!   Choosing a financial advisor is a major life decision that can determine your financial trajectory for years to come. Let’s just go ahead and say it right up front, the number on mistake […]


When it comes to investing, the earlier you start, the better compounding works. Creating the habit of investing in your 20’s would have solved much of the financial stress many people experience most of their adult life.  When you learn how to invest in your twenties, and  in such a way that your money grows […]

A Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver Robert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki   Save Your Bucks readers.  You are about to build one of the most compelling and thought provoking article ever written regarding the question.  Should I be investing in precious metals, and should I be buying Gold or Silver? Even though this information was first published in 2008 we believe it is more […]