The 7 Best Grocery Coupon Apps to Save You Real Money

As you probably know you can waste a lot of time online  trying to
find the best deals, and coupons . 
In this article we are going to share
with Save Your Buck readers, the absolute 7 Best Coupon Apps
available that will save you real money at the grocery store.



Oh my gosh couponing is so hard. You have to get the newspaper and print coupons and then take them to the store and remember to use them.  We know many Save Your Bucks readers have this down to a science, but the next generation of couponing is here, and if you haven’t tried it, now is the perfect time.

If you are an old school couponer there is no easy way to say this, accept, well here it goes. …… STOP it you guys! The average family of four spends at least $600 a month on groceries, bigger families spend even more.

Yeah that adds up in a hurry.



So if you’re looking to save your family actual, real, big money, look no further than your grocery budget. And with these seven amazing grocery coupon apps are the highest on our list right now and what we recommend for Save Your Bucks members.

Grocery Coupon  apps are our favorite way to save money. They’re so good. If you are not using them, why not?  YOU ARE GOING TO SPEND THE MONEY ANYWAY!   Grocery Coupon Apps make Couponing super easy.

So here are the 7 Grocery Coupon Apps that we recommend all of our Save Your Bucks readers download, they are in no particular order and each have their own group of benefits.

The first app that you need to download is the brand-new Crazy Coupon Lady app. We are so excited about this. One of the best things is that you can sort stores by only the ones in your area using geolocation so you’re only going to see deals that apply to you.

You can search a database of over 3,000 coupons, the largest in the country. Just type in what you’re looking for whether it’s diapers or cereal and find coupons for exactly what you want to buy.

When you’re at the store you can access deals on the go, you can save items to your shopping list and you can sync with your computer if you want to print it at home.

There’s usually over 60 new deals a day and they all have at least 50% savings from retail price.

One of my favorite things is that you can brag from your phone. That means you can post a picture of the awesome deal you just got and share it with the  Crazy Coupon Lady community if you want to.

If you don’t know how to coupon, don’t worry. This app will actually teach you through awesome articles and videos.


iBOTTA Grocer App


We can’t talk about the best grocery apps without mentioning the original rebate app, Ibotta. Download it today to browse hundreds of offers. You can sort by store or while you shop, just grab a product before you put it in your cart, scan the bar code and find out if there are any rebates. The way the app works is you actually don’t have to use a coupon or take any action at the register when you checkout. Once you get home, upload a picture of your receipt and they’ll just give you those rebates and you can cash out once you reach their $10 minimum.

The last thing I want to mention about Ibotta is their teamwork component. If you sync with your Facebook, then you’ll connect with all your other Facebook friends that are using the app and you’ll all be eligible to earn more rebates the more you use the app.



Groupons gone grocery crazy with a new rebate app called Snap. Download it today to see savings on any brand products like laundry detergent and soup and just shop for the item and once you get home, upload the receipt and you’ll get paid once you reach a minimum of twenty dollars.


Here’s an app you haven’t heard of its called Key Ring and it started as a way to aggregate all of your loyalty cards together. So upload the barcode and then once you do that, you can actually load coupons directly to your loyalty card all in the app. But the thing I actually like best about this app is the ability to pull up a circular, so like the target weekly ad, I can click on the pictures in the ad, it’ll automatically create me a shopping list and I can even share the list with my husband and then make him do the shopping J

Another Save Your Bucks favorite is the Shopmium rebate app. This one is awesome because there’s no action required before you shop. You can just head to the store, buy the items you need and then come home and see if there’s any rebates that apply. The best part is that there’s no minimum threshold before you get paid which means you can get paid almost instantly when you redeem offers.


The next app to download is Checkout51 it is another rebate app available on both the iPhone and Android with even more opportunities to save big on purchases.  Don’t have a smartphone?  Not an issue with Checkout51.  You can also submit purchases directly on their website!  Every Thursday morning, a new list will come out with new (or re-added) offers for products.  You then have a week to purchase the items and scan your receipt.  With Checkout51, there is a minimum balance of $20 before you can withdraw your savings.  Currently, the only form of payment is a check, which will be sent to your physical address.


The final app that I want to tell you about is Saving Star. Now this is a great app because it connects with your loyalty card if you’re shopping at a grocery store that has loyalty cards. So you make your purchase and then the savings is going to be automatically added to your account. If you’re shopping at a grocery store that doesn’t have a loyalty program, it’s going to act just like a normal rebate app. Now they have three great offers each week, a healthy offer where you can save on fresh produce, big purchases like when you spend $30 on select products you’ll get $5 back and then every week they have something that’s totally free so you make the purchase and you get 100% of what you spent back.


There you have it. Those are the seven apps we love for saving money at the grocery store. Follow the links to download them all.








Checkout 51

Savings Star