How $5 a Week Will Change Your Life Forever with Stash

If you haven’t heard about Stash yet, this is a saving App that all my buddies wish they had downloaded when I first told them about this cool way to save money.

What’s going on, guys? I hope you’re all doing well. About three weeks ago I wrote an article talking about a user-friendly App called Stash. Today, I’m going to be comparing my portfolio, what it looked like three weeks ago versus today.

If you’re looking for some sort of validation on whether to use stash and that’s why you’re reading this article… don’t look any further. Don’t do any more research! Read this article in full, don’t skim.

So, the gains I’ll be showing you are on a tiny scale. Hopefully, it will help you better understand how this works with maybe thousands, tens of thousands, and potentially millions of dollars.

The idea of starting this process will change your life forever. The biggest struggle for this is actually starting, so if you can get over that roadblock then you’ll be set. You’ll be set because it’ll change the way you see money and you’ll just ask yourself why you didn’t start this years ago. The ability to focus and take action on the financial principles and methods that move you forward is such an important skill to develop. You can read about all kinds of smart ideas, but if you don’t take action, you are just fooling yourself.

“The START – STOPS most People”
Dale Calvert

To make one thing quick before I get started, the money sitting in your bank account is actually depreciating in value, and that basically means that you’re taking a fat “L”. The reason being is that the interest rate on that account is not at pace with inflation. Don’t take my word for it; check out this article.

“We have this article by CBBC talking about good financial habits will make you rich, but this is what will, and they’re talking about investing. Here literally it says right here. It was a revelation that money in the bank or in a low-interest savings account could mean actually losing money because it would not keep pace with inflation.” Don’t listen to me like I’m just some random guy rambling and trying to learn how to write articles that will inspire people to action. But there are articles all over SaveYourBucks.com talking about this.

Now, I know I’ve already said this but I’ll say it again, in your life, you realize you should invest your money, at least anyone that’s financially aware will realize this. It would really benefit you to start now, as opposed to starting 40 years. The sooner you start, the better. I am only in my early twenties. Every year you waste are years you can’t get back you could benefit and compound your money.

So, if you haven’t considered investing, ask yourself; “is that $5 Starbucks really worth it? Are all those material things that depreciate in value that you spend your money on really worth it? Because honestly guys in the long run it’s really not, nobody cares about the things that you have. Humanity cares way too much about what somebody else thinks about them.

Stash is an excellent learning school for anyone that has zero knowledge about the market, and that’s another thing you don’t need a lot of knowledge about the market to understand investing; you just have to start it that’s like the only step you have to take is starting this process.

With this app, you can build your confidence while obtaining knowledge, and it will help literally anyone from the age of 15 that can understand this concept you know until your 50s if you haven’t started that process yet. Let’s go into my Stash invest account and I’ll show you the difference in these weeks made. I know this is on a tiny scale but think about this with potentially tens of thousands; you know hundreds of thousands of dollars. It could be you. So, let’s just go into it. Here we can see that I’m up to $29.58 on my total returns.

Let’s go back to when I made my first video talking about Stash. I was at $13.68 in total returns. That’s about a $15.00 difference there guys not anything to brag about, but that’s not the point. It gives you an idea that your money is working for you. I didn’t do anything for my money to increase, I just had it invested. And that would have never happened if I kept it in a savings account or decided, you know, to blow it on new pair of sneakers.

My total invested amount of $784.00 is now at $813.58 compared to being worth $768.00. I added $10.00 a week. If you just watched this whole video, click the link down below, because you’ll get paid $5.00 just for signing up. That’s literally $5.00 dollars you get just for watching this video and deciding to take action!

I hope this video made sense for all of you. There’s nothing to boast about. “Like Mike made $15.00! Wow! Who cares? But that’s not the point the point is to help you guys understand that, that $15.00 could have been $15,000.00 had I been investing on a larger scale. You’re only going to get to that point by starting this process. It’ll give you the understanding you need, the knowledge you need to understand how the market works, and how the price fluctuation affects your account.

And the reason I said this will change a life forever, is because once you start, it’ll change the way you see money; it’ll change your mindset about investing. I know that the reason people don’t have us is that they’re not knowledgeable about it. They don’t know enough about it to start, which that’s not the case; you don’t need too much; you don’t need to be some kind of genius to start this.

I hope you guys liked my article. MY MAIN POINT WAS START!   Download the stash app now. At the time of this writing, if you download it you get an immediate $5.00 deposited into your account. The Younger you are, the better.