How to Start an AirBnB Businness (8 Steps I Took)



In this article I’m sharing with you eight steps that I took to start my Airbnb business. These eight  Airbnb steps can be implemented by anyon.  This is not theroy, they are the actual 8 steps I took to launch my Airbnb business.


Anybody that wants to start an Airbnb business can benefit from these tips.   I’m sharing them through my experience. You guys want the details you want to know exactly how to get from point A to point B, and that’s why I’m going to share them with you. There’s 8 simple step.

Each one of them I went through myself and you guys can take action on these steps. I run a rent to arbitrage house from Lexington, Kentucky.



Plan Your Airbnb Business

Let’s say that you just have this brilliant idea that’s the kind of like the first step that led me into taking action, was having the idea. Hearing that an Airbnb business had worked for other people, having that conviction that the Airbnb business model is effective. Once you have that the next step for you is to find out what your target market is, what it’s going to cost you, how long will it take you to recoup your profits or make your money back, how long will it take you to break-even. So get out your calculator, be conservative and I think your will be impressed with the potential profits your Airbnb business can provide you.

So, have all that under consideration, I wouldn’t necessarily say go write a 2-page business plan, just have an idea of what the business model is going to look like in your situation and structure that appropriately for whatever market you’re in.



Create Legal Entity (LLC)

Once you’ve done that the next step and a very wise step would be to go create a legal entity. Now, this is not necessary. I had a client  comment before I said that you don’t need an LLC which in all honesty you do not need one, but it is highly recommended simply because you’re protecting yourself from the guests from the people you have coming into your home.

That’s very wise to set up a legal entity, and that way that legal entity will give you access to a business bank account, to a business profile which is essentially what you want to build. You want to build that right from the start. So, go create an LLC or some legal entity of some sort, and once you’ve done that, you are now ready to move on to the next step, and that is register for taxes.




Register For Taxes (EIN)

You have to file for an EIN number. So, once you have your business LLC or whatever you like, once you’ve created that entity, you’re able to register it with the IRS and you’re able to create an employer identification number or an EIN number. This is all stuff that I’ve done and I did it on my own, it took me probably two hours to figure all this stuff out.

So, for those of you guys are out there paying thousands of dollars to get this stuff set up you guys are doing it wrong, and I’ll teach you exactly how to do that in my course. I’ve made a section I think that is the selling point for my course right there because I walk you through setting up your legal entity, setting up your LLC and your EIN number, all that stuff. I’ll walk you through that in my course, and I know that people pay thousands of dollars to go get this stuff set up which is ridiculous in my mind.

I spent $50 in the state of Kentucky to create my legal entity, my tax identification and all that. So, that is all that there is to it for those of you guys who are spending thousands of dollars, pending too much money please do me a favor and do your own research, figure out how to do it on your own you’re saving yourself a lot of time and energy.

I’m just being frank with you guys. I’m being honest with you guys; I personally know of a case where a kid pulled out a personal loan of 10 grand and spent forty-five hundred dollars just to make an LLC. And this really you know it really ticks me off.  I can’t imagine someone would do that, so guys be very careful. Don’t fall into a scam artist trap, don’t listen to what other people are saying. Do your own research, that’s what it comes down to.

Don’t even listen to me go do your own research figure it out on your own. So, once you have your employer identification of your EIN number you can now go to a bank and you can hand them this information and you can open up a business bank account.




Business Bank Account

Now, having a business bank account has its benefits.  it keeps a very detailed account of your expenses and you could track everything very easily. I highly recommend you don’t mix your personal and business bank accounts that just causes confusion when it comes time for tax season, so guys do me a favor, go make yourself a business bank account.

These four steps that I’ve shared you’re already halfway there as far as getting started. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to start today! So, you go to the bank, they give you your business bank account, and most likely there’s going to be some kind of monthly charge they’re going to charge you a service fee, depending on the bank, it could be cheap, it could be like a little on the higher end.

I’m spending $10 a month to keep my business man count open here in Springfield Missouri; super cheap! I think it’s on the lower end of bank accounts. I know some bank accounts charge like $30 or $40 a month.




STR Permits/ Licensing

Regardless,  you want to keep track of those expenses and that’s the easiest way to do it so step 6 kind of should be step one but a lot of people don’t know how to deal with this stuff and a lot of people run away when they hear this; so guys step six is honestly get your listing get the property permitted, get the proper licensing that it is required for Airbnb and short-term rentals.

Without these permits, without the legal regulated side of Airbnb, you’re probably going to face heavy fines. I’m talking twenty grand; $1000 day fines $20,000 day fines; who knows I’ve heard of very extreme instances where people are getting fined for not having their permits for the short-term rentals, so guys go to City Hall, go speak to whoever sitting there at the Building and Development desk and ask them what is required for me to operate a short term rental for the zone, for the zip code, and they’ll be more than happy to share that information with you.

That’s their job, they’re paid government employees; they’re sitting there waiting for you to come by and ask them. Simply go there tell them “I have this property at this address. I want to know what it will take for me to have this license for short-term rentals”.

So, once you’re regulated that’s half the bat right there. I’m actually going to pick up my permit for my listing today. For all of you guys who have been waiting and keeping up with my story, I’m finally picking up my permit for the short-term rental that I currently have here in Springfield today. I’ll share more of that experience in another video. Getting your permits and proper licensing is such an important step. Make sure you do that.



Business Insurance


The next step for you is to go get business insurance. This is important because you’re going to end up having employees; maybe you want to hire cleaners in the future. Go ahead and do the research, go ahead and look into the business insurance aspect of everything.

And once again if you’re doing rental arbitrage you might need to get renters insurance, and this is probably required. I want to say that the Airbnb hosts guarantee is not insurance. They make it seem like that. They sell that like as you know, “what, I’m paying in 1 million dollars of coverage”, but what you actually need to do is go get proper insurance. They don’t cover a lot of little things that you’d probably expect them to.

They structure that 1-million-dollar guarantee in a way to where it’s very difficult to get your stuff covered if it does go missing or if it goes damaged. So, be sure to do your research once again.



Action Plan

The next step for you is to have an action plan so take action on these eight things and I guarantee you’ll have a listing before you know it. Now I didn’t really go into details on how to pitch to the landlord and I didn’t go to details on how to acquire the listing;

I’m assuming no you’ve already done that and you’ve done the market analysis all that stuff. So, from step one to step eight any of you guys watching this right now could take action. So, taking action has been a thing I’ve battled with in the past and I’ve learnt, and I want you guys to take note of this; I’ve learnt that the best time to act is now.

Don’t wait till tomorrow don’t wait till the next day, there’s no such thing as perfect timing; the perfect time is now.And I meant that with all my heart. If any of you guys watching this these are eight brief and actionable steps, I’m sharing with you guys today. I know I didn’t really go in-depth on them. I just think that they’re very valuable pieces of information, and if you want to just write them down one through eight, you already know what you have to do.

I’m at that today because of the action I took, and without that guys who knows where I would be; I’d probably still be stuck at my job or I’d be scrambling to find a way to make ends meet for myself.

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