Is Freelancing the Future of ‘Safe’ Employment?

“‘Freelance’ means I can take watermelon breaks and no one can yell at me.”  Mandy Ashcraft  Sam, a 28-year old systems analyst for a software company, always had a soft spot for pop culture, specifically, cartoons from the 80s and 90s. He watched a ton of these growing up; so much so that Sam can […]

How to Make Money as a Teenager and Suceed

Are you a teenager that wants to make money?  Would you rather make money and be able to work on your own schedule instead of one being dictated to you by a boss? Then, you should consider starting your own side hustle gig, you will have much more freedom and flexibility and if you work […]

Make Money as a Property Tax Consultant

A property tax consultant is a high-paying side gig, a very needed service, with very little competition. People reluctantly shell out over $1,000’s of dollars for attorneys and professional property tax appraisers to represent them to appeal their property tax with no guarantee of success or winning. A property tax consultant is a lifesaver! It […]

Top 5 Short Term Investments for 2021

In this article, I want to share my favorite short-term investing strategies, ideas you can use to make a living or just make extra cash. I used one of these strategies to make $20.000 in profit in two months. We’re talking about the best investments for fast money in 2021. We usually share long-term investments […]

The Ultimate Work at Home Business Model (For Perpetual Income)

Jessie Davis My friend Shawn and I were catching up last week and during our conversation, he told me about this system he just started using that has to be the easiest way to get rich online. I know that sounds like a big hypey promise that sounds too much like an “easy button”, and […]

Passive / Flexible Income Ideas for College Students (Side Hustles)

College life can be pretty intimidating; on one side there are assignments and quizzes coming up while on the other, there’s a desire to support one’s self financially. This is the most natural thing, but often students make an irreversible error of choosing the wrong or outdated passive income idea. To sort this out for […]

12 Things Freelancers Can Do During The Coronavirus

As the COVID-19 pandemic sends shockwaves through the economy and forces big businesses to cut budgets, freelancers and other independent workers are feeling the squeeze. Freelancers makeup 35% of the U.S. workforce and contribute $1 trillion to the national economy. But some are dealing with less work right now while others are working overtime to keep up […]

Get Out of Debt Fast (Most Effective Ways to Pay Off Debt)

With the current COVID 19 pandemic, the question is how they can get rid of debt as some people are experiencing financial difficulties. Many people tell us how they would like to pay down their entire debt, but unfortunately, they’re not quite certain how they can go about it. We all know that getting rid […]

How Big of an Air Fryer Do I Need? (Size Comparison to Save Money)

Air Fryers have hit the market like a hurricane. If you are investing in an air fryer for the first time then the whole experience can be a bit intimidating due to the different sizes and brands available in the market. There are more than 100 air fryer brands today each offering different prices and […]

7 Best Income Generating Assets to Invest in Today

Wealth can be created by all people who live in a free enterprise system if they are willing to become self-educated, and created a plan. If you have enough income coming in from your INVESTMENTS, to live a comfortable life, you have created wealth. The goal is not to work for money, the goal is […]