How to make Money as a Teenager in 2021

Are you a teenager that want to make money?  Would you rather make money and be able to work on your own schedule instead of one bein dictated to you by a boss?   Then you should consider starting your own side hustle gig, you will have much more freedom and flexibility and if you work hard, probably make alot more money.

Today there are more ways for teenagers to make money than our parents could have ever imagined.  Back in the day my dad had to rake leaves, mow yards, or pick and sell blackberries to have extra cash.  Today we have a wide choice of spare time hustles available to those of us that can turn off Fort Knight and have the discipline to go to work.

In this article I am going to cover 14 of the best ways me and my crew have found for teens like us to make good money working the hours we choose to work.  Frankly, I can never see myself working for a boss.  I have been making money on my own since I was 11 years old, and I enjoy working, especially working for myself.



1. Tutoring



Tutoring and this is an age-old way of making money. Essentially you’re just going to be teaching someone something that you know a little bit better than the person you are tutoring.  Now, it might be teaching them Math, it might be teaching them English, it might be teaching them different things; or even if you’re better at sports than someone else,  why not teach them how to become better at basketball or volleyball. I would highly recommend thinking about become a tutor.

Even if you’re not that good at academics you can definitely do things like that. Now, you could also even tutor people how to play video games better. I know a lot of people these days they want to get better at Fortnight, they want to be good at SCGO, they want to get better at apex. If you’re good at it you can pretty much charge anyone $10 an hour, $20 an hour and if it’s something you’re good at it’s not gonna be that difficult for you to do.

So, tutoring can be a great thing you don’t have to just do the traditional math and science and things like that. Think outside the box and try and tutor people and things that you like to do then it’s more fun.

I did a class in our local community education program called how to become laser focussed.  It was a 4 week class I taught for one hour on Tuesday evenings at a local church.  I had 62 studens pay me $25.00 each just to attend.  I had moms, teen athletes, grandads and all kinds of students in my class.

I just taught the principles that I learned in this online course  HOW TO BE LASER FOCUSSED.  That was a nice $1,500 a month side gig, and not bad for a 17 year old.




2. Babysitting

A common, traditional teenage sidegig, but one but it is still really really good is babysitting. Now, babysitting can be great I think you probably want to be 13- 14 years or above to do this because it can be a little bit of a responsibility but you can make a lot of money especially these days because childcare facilities are so expensive.

So being able to offer babysitting for you know $20 dollars an hour or something like that is a great way to make money and parents will pay for it because they don’t get that much free time these days. If you can offer a really good service,  looking after their kids and making sure they go to bed early it’s a great way to make it a few extra bucks or actually a fair bit of money.

So, if you think you can charge them twenty or thirty dollars an hour which is what people will pay depending on how many children they have.  You look after them for say four hours, you’re going be able to make $100 a night that’s not bad money especially if all you’re doing is kind of looking after the kids it’s generally better if they’re going to be not babies or like toddlers because they’re a bit more work. But if you can look after some kids who are maybe seven or eight it can actually be a lot of fun and it’s a great way to learn some experiences and make a hundred dollars a night.


3. Dog Walking

Another really cool way to make money as a teenager is  is dog walking. Dog walking is really fantastic because you get to hang out with dogs. Infact I have dog and it’s a really great thing. I love walking the dog, but I don’t always have the time to walk the dog and a lot of people who will be working 9 to 5 might not also have the time to walk their dog. And the great thing is that there are websites these days where you can just pretty much go on and you could become a dog walker very easy.

One of the most popular is Rover  and it’s an app as well so people can pretty much say “ok I need my dog walked at 12 p.m. come and get the dog”. You can walk it for an hour; maybe you’ll be able to feed it, maybe you have to be able to give it some water and it’s a great way if you like pets, you like animals, especially if you like dogs it’s a great way to get out there and make a bit of money. It’s probably around about $15 an hour for this one and it’s a good way if you like to get out into the sunshine as well.



4. Petsitting


And the same as dog walking you can also do Pet Sitting and Pet Sitting is probably what you would think it’s kind of like babysitting for pets. So it might be for a cat, might be for a dog, might even be for things like birds and things like that. So if people go out of town they’ll need people to come over and feed their dogs or feed their pets. This is another one that you can do and there are lots of websites as well that do this as well.





5. Youtube Channel

Another one that I really like is starting a YouTube channel and this is what I’ve been doing for the last five years. I have two channels, one has got about 40,000 subscribers, but I also have another channel that’s got about 400,000 subscribers and the great thing is that with a YouTube channel is that you can make a whole lot of money through Google Adsense.

So that’s getting paid by YouTube. I get paid a fair bit for a thousand views, I get paid about forty five dollars for a thousand views. A lot of people only get paid maybe five dollars for a thousand views but because of my channel it’s about business and making money I get a whole lot more. You can also do sponsorships I do a lot of sponsorships on my other channel with companies like Squarespace and Skillshare, and you can also sell merchandise, you could do patreon. So all you need to do is get a camera use your phone to start making videos and it’s a great way to make some money.

I do have a secret weapon that I learned about when I first started that has made me tens of thousands of dollars if not more.  It is piece of software I use that helps me get ranked on the first page and at the top of YouTube consistently.  If you decide you want to start a YouTube channel I wouldn;t even think about doing it with out this software.   You can learn more about it here:  YOU TUBE RANKING SOFTWARE.



6. Flipping Merchandise

If you’ve got any stuff you don’t use, maybe  that you received as gifts a few years ago or  anything you don’t use anymore maybe you’ve got some PlayStation games that you don’t end up using sell them on eBay or Craigslist or Gumtree or even go to your local flea market and sell them there.
It’s actually a really good way to make an extra few bucks that’s always just sitting around you know. I have like 10 PlayStation games that I really loved back in the day but I’m not using them that much and I might be able to get $20 for each of those discs and if you’ve got ten discs at $20 but you’re really not using that often you can make $200.

We are living in a flip economy and there are multipel ways to find closeout and discount merchandise and stores and then sale those items on platforms like eBay and LetGo.  I make alot of money going to garage sales every Saturday and finding items that I can easily sale and double my money on eBay.  A great video series that will teach you the ins and outs is here:  Gary Vee Trash Talk all 5 Episodes.



7. Graphic Designs


If you’re good at graphic design, if your good at Photoshop, if you good at Illustrator, even if you’re good at using something free like Canva.com; why not offer your graphic design services to people? This way you can actually make a whole lot of money for a logo design people will pay you know $500 for a good logo design even $1000 for a good ebook cover.

But even if you just want to offer them a logo for you know $100 which you can quickly do on canva or you can even go to a website called Placeit.net, that’s a great way to make a bit of money. A lot of old people don’t know how to use graphic design services, so if you can do it it’s a great way to make some extra money.

There are many websites that allow you to market your graphic design services like Fiverr and many others.


8. Building Websites


Another really good thing is building websites for people and this is something that a lot of younger people will know how to do because these days you don’t really need to code, but if you do know how to code that’s even better. You can create WordPress websites for them just with templates and they don’t know that you’re really going to be using a template or do they really care.

You know there’s other website builders like Squarespace or Card or Shopify, so many different ways in which you can make websites really quick really easy for small businesses or for your auntie or your uncle, pretty much anyone needs a website these days. So, if you can build them a website that’s not going to be too difficult to do that’s a great way to make money.




9.  Provide Transcription Service

If you’re good at typing or writing out right really quickly, I’ll definitely take a look at doing transcription services. What transcription means is essentially just like listening to a video like my video right here and you’ll just be typing it out so it becomes a text document. You just listen to what people are doing and then you can type it out and you can actually make $20 an hour doing this.

So, if you have a bit of free time and you know you just want to be typing text essentially and you’re nice and quick at it and you’re not that you know it’s not difficult for you, this can be a great way to make a bit of money too. There’s a website called Rev.com and that’s where you can go there and you get paid per word essentially or you get paid per you know video and you can make a really a lot of money doing this even if you are a little bit younger.

So it’s not a bad one to do especially if you like watching YouTube videos and you’ve got a bit of free time you just sit there watching a video, typing it out and making a bit of money.  Again there are many market places online like Fiverr where people are searching for those that can do quality transcription work.





10. Newspaper Delivery

Another oldy but goody is to do newspaper delivery.  Granted the printed newspaper industyr is dyign but at the time of this writing, you can still make good money with this. And this is kind of similar to that dog walking one where it really doesn’t matter if you how much you get paid, it’s just nice to get out go for a walk be nice and fit and it’s nice to be out in the Sun of course if it’s bad weather, not the best job, but newspaper delivery is one you can do.

If you’ve got a bike it’s a good one as well. I remember when I was younger, newspaper delivery was one of the things you could do when you were younger because it’s pretty much a basic job but it’s good fun to do.



11. Sell Candy At School

Another one which I’m not really sure how legal it is but I used to do this when I was in school is selling candy at school. If you don’t know, you can buy candy so much cheaper than you actually buy it at a vending machine, for example, or in the school shop so it’s a great way to make a profit on buying candy cheaper and then selling it to your friends at school.  If your parent have memberships at Costco or Sams Club, this is a great place to buy your stash.

You could buy a bag of a hundred pieces of popular candy or whatever. Maybe some chocolate bars or something like that and you can sell them for $2 each and you’re gonna be making profit on that. So if you sell a hundred pieces at dollar profit each you’re gonna be making a hundred bucks.  Almost every big time entreprenuer I have met sold candy at school along their journey.



12. Put Up Christmas Lights

Another one is to put up Christmas lights for people. Now, older people don’t really want to be putting up Christmas lights all the time. They like the idea of having Christmas lights and the reason for this is because it might be difficult for them, they might have an injury, they might have a sore back, or maybe they’re just too old and they’re not really able to go up on a ladder or something like that.

If you’re kind of young and you’re good enough to do this, you can put up Christmas lights for people you could charge them you know $20 an hour to do this or $30 an hour to do this, and then you can make a whole lot of money, especially come Christmas time because everyone wants to have the Christmas lights up and if you can go to their door and say, “hey I will put your Christmas lights up for you just pay me this”, they’ll probably do it because they don’t want to have to go through all the hassle of that untangling the cables and things like that. It can be a big pain, so that’s a definitely one that you can do around Christmas time and make alot of money.   Here at Save Your Bucks we have an article that gets into this sidegig business in detail, you can find it here:  Christmas Tree Light Business. 



13. Mow Lawns

Another one is to mow lawns. Again, this is something that people don’t want to do because it’s a chore there you know you have to get the the lawnmower out, you have to make sure it’s cleaned of all the other grass and stuff like that. You could make a whole lot of money mowing lawns. If you can do three or four lawns in a day you can make a bunch of money. Again you’re gonna be out in the Sun.

It’s going to be nice depending on the weather time but you’re not going to be mowing lawns in the snow anyway but mowing lawns can be a really good way of making a bit of money as well. You can do other yard work as well if you know how to do yard work maybe water plants and this is something that you can do for older people as well if you don’t really want to be doing you know mowing the lawn, we have like 20 different plants in this apartment and if someone was to come and say you know what are your plants for five bucks yeah sure do it.



Referee Local Sports

A really good one is to be a referee for your local sports. Now people are always looking for referees and umpires to referee you know junior sports and maybe some senior sports as well. So, if you know the sport well, if you had a referee basketball or soccer or football or something like that, why not become a referee?

You can do it on the weekend, you can do it after you play your sports. It’s a great way to meet people and it’s a great way to stay active. Refereeing is a great way. So hopefully you enjoyed this and one or two of these will work for you and you’ll end up making some extra money as a teenager good luck if you’re going to do it.


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I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope you find at least one or two ideas you can but into use and make extra income.