Dave Ramsey Financial Peace Review

At Save Your Bucks, we agree with Dave Ramsey. As always we simply ask people to ignore those who are more concerned about specific agendas than they are REAL WORLD ADVICE. We have always communicated to people to always ask, “Who is this person, and why should I be listening to them?”.  

Dave Ramsey’s positive track record and the number of families he has inspired around the world, speak for themselves. If you have the opportunity to attend a Dave Ramsey live Financial Peace Event….. GO!

Dave has been called the DEBT SLAYER for good reason. Dave broadcast his daily radio show from Brentwood, Tennessee in the Nashville area. This area is one of the most entrepreneurial areas in the United States. He broadcast for three hours daily, taking call after call from people of all ages, all over the United States.

Dave’s live events pack large churches everywhere. Dave doesn’t care about offending anyone but is determined to help everyone. Granted some people find this tough-love approach offensive, but he has no problem telling people they have made a STUPID Decision when the fact dictates that they have. We cannot recommend highly enough, attending a live Financial Peace.


Why would you invest in something you haven’t researched?

You’re a grown man with a family, and your daddy’s still taking care of you?

When are you going to quit freaking spending money that you don’t have?

Sometimes, the collective irresponsibility and lack of understanding of American consumers put him in a foul mood, and he starts hollering at no one in particular. If you can relate and understand these emotions, then you probably love Dave Ramsey as we do here at Save Your Bucks.

We certainly don’t agree with Dave on everything, especially as it relates to starting side businesses. But we love his straight talk and anyone who passionately believes what they are communicating.

Credit cards? Stupid! Car payments? Stupid on steroids! Borrowing money on your house to put in granite countertops? SOMEBODY OUGHTA SMACK YOU! That’s just stupid!

If those facts offend you, then you probably don’t want to listen to Dave Ramsey.  Dave is a proud Christian, and some people would rather talk about that than his direct, solid, financial advice.

According to a Money Magazine writer “Ramsey’s been at this carnival-barker-with-’roid-rage shtick for nearly 30 years now”. Do you think Money Magazine receives any value from promoting Dave Ramsey? 

Calling someone a Carnival Barker” is offensive. You simply don’t understand the passion, or you are afraid that Dave’s listeners won’t subscribe to your magazine.  For the record, we enjoy Money magazine, but if push comes to shove we would take Dave.

Dave’s first radio show was called The Money Game & it debuted in 1992. Listeners responded positively and Dave Ramsey became something of a personal finance superstar after his 2003 financial planning book, The Total Money Makeover made the New York Times bestseller list. Today, he’s sold over 5 million copies of that book, and Dave Ramsey has become a household name.

Like most outstanding teachers in any niche, his advice hasn’t changed much over the years.  15 million people tune in to The Dave Ramsey Show every week, according to many published reports.

His podcast was the fifth most downloaded program on the Apple app in 2018. The live version of his show airs on over 600 stations nationwide, only Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity have bigger audiences. So, people can say whatever they want, but the facts kinda are what they are.

Ramsey’s listeners face new hurdles now. And in an era of egregiously expensive college tuition, a sky-high cost of living, stagnant and rampant consumerism pushed by social media and its “influencers,” he’s won over a new crop of supporters. Solid, clear-thinking people that look at the numbers and are not easily influenced by someone on the cover of a magazine.

You can hear it in the calls he takes every day from panic-stricken young people struggling to make ends meet. On Instagram, freshly converted twenty- and thirty-something use hashtags to talk about their Ramsey-inspired journeys.

It’s an audience that marketers stake their entire budgets on, and he’s speaking to them straight. In what Madison Avenue would classify as the wrong ways. He is not politically correct and doesn’t try to be.   

He quotes scripture and Ronald Reagan, and great thought leaders throughout history. He calls young people “snowflakes.”

He has absolutely no chill, whatsoever. But for a growing group of millennials—a generation we’re told is too fragile, too godless, too politically correct—his word is the gospel.

No matter what your age is, this should be encouraging. There is still a market for common sense. Some argue that millennials are too soft. I would argue that Americans are too soft no matter the age. As a culture, we care way too much about what other people think about us. This mentality prevents growth in every area of life. We know our readers are students who acquire sound advice and knowledge from credible people and do the best to implement that information.

If we are talking about you, and you haven’t already, put Dave Ramsey on your small list of those worth learning from.


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