Earn Money By Testing Websites| $100 a Day

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Use your free time to make some money.


There are many ways to earn money by using your free time in fun and exciting ways. These sites give you cash for taking online surveys and testing websites and apps.

Why do they give you money?

Before launching a project, many large companies test it with some professional audience and take their reviews in exchange for little cash. If the reviews are positive, they launch that project; if not, they discard it or change it. You can be that person who can give that review and earn money in return. You must be wondering whether they will be at a disadvantage by giving money to every reviewer. No, they are not because they save a lot of money when they launch their product by using little money on these platforms.

You must keep in mind a few things when using these sites; do not give your sensitive information and share the survey with others because these tests are concepts that are not made public. If you share these concepts, you might get in trouble.

Top sites:

1: UserTesting:

UserTesting is the first site that will come to your mind when we talk about these sites. It is a very easy-to-use site and uses it anywhere in the world where you can receive payments through Paypal.

You will first have to give a sample test; if you pass it, you will take other tests. You can earn up to $10-$15 for a 20-min test.

2: Enroll:

Enroll is a similar platform to UserTesting, but what makes it better is its availability; you can take tests anywhere on any device. Keep in mind that you must have a PayPal account to get money.

Many tests on Enroll are rapid and take a few minutes to complete. So, it means they will not help you get a satisfying amount of cash, but they can be a source of a few dollars.

3: Respondent:

Respondent is easily the highest paying site on this list, and it can be considered the best. So, you will see a higher quality of test on it with higher rewards. To give you a simple understanding, you can earn up to $100 in just an hour.

There are many other opportunities onRespondent like ‘paid focus group.’ To learn more about them, give it a click.

4: UserFeel:

UserFeel is very similar to the other sites on this list. You have to pass a test to join and start earning; $10 for each test. Also, you can withdraw money quicker than other sites, making it the fastest in terms of money transfer.

5: UserLytics:

Unlike other sites mentioned, UserLytics allows you to test the website and other digital products.

Keep in mind to have a webcam for tests here because you will need it a lot. After making a profile and passing the initial test, you will receive emails about test opportunities.

To sum it all up, I will say that the sites mentioned here are only the tip of the iceberg; many other websites will pay you by testing different products. So, if any of the websites mentioned above are not available to you, you can give other websites like UTest or Test.IO a tray.