How Big of an Air Fryer Do I Need? (Size Comparison to Save Money)

Air Fryers have hit the market like a hurricane. If you are investing in an air fryer for the first time then the whole experience can be a bit intimidating due to the different sizes and brands available in the market. There are more than 100 air fryer brands today each offering different prices and models. Thus, the first confusion that arises in the minds of the buyers is how big of an air fryer do I need? So, we have written this detailed size comparison guide to help you choose the best choice for your personal needs.

Size For Larger Gatherings

If you will be primarily using your air fryer for large gatherings then you will probably want to go with a 6-10 qt depending on the number of people. The food basket in large air fryers has enough room for a pizza, chicken, and a sufficient amount of finger foods. Logically, these large-capacity air fryers would need more counter space as compared to the smaller ones. However, you always have the option of storing the appliance under the counter to make room for utensils.