7 Ways To Make Money With Your Car

 In this article, I am going to share with you 7 ways you can make money with your car.  You can pick out one or two that you can implement immediately and start making profits. 


My name is Jeff Stephens, I am 32 years old and live in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. I am an entrepreneur and have several long-term businesses going, but I use my car every month to earn my living expenses while I work on my businesses. The opportunities Uber and Lyft provide speak for themselves, and I think there are a couple of articles here on SaveYourBucks.com regarding working with them. I want to share with you ways to make money with your car, that I don’t read too much about.


There are a couple of different ways you can go about doing this but one of the ways to do this is by using a service such as BlahBlahCar in Europe. This is available in just about every country over in Europe or in some places in North America you could use something called PopaRide. 

What’s interesting about these is, what you can do is essentially let’s say that you’re driving from one city to another, and it may be maybe it’s a six-hour drive and to kind of recoup the cost of actually making this drive, you can post it to this website. What will happen is people who maybe want to go to the same destination on the same day will join in on the ride. 

They’ll pay you to drive them up to that destination and then you can make money by actually driving to those certain destinations. It’s not something that you would necessarily do just because you want to make money off of it but it’s a great way to recoup the cost of making trips that maybe you have to make. 

Anyway, maybe you’re going up to your parent’s place in a different city or a different state somewhere and you want to recoup the cost of driving, and gas and paying for wear and tear on your vehicle, then it’s an interesting idea. Like I said BlahBlahCar is essentially everywhere in Europe, most countries over in Europe. Now, in North America, especially in Canada something called Poparide, in the actual United States especially down South in the United States, it’s a little bit difficult to find those services that will do that. 

There are other ways to do it like using Facebook or potentially using Craigslist. Craigslist can get a little bit sketchy sometimes, so be careful but there are services out there that are a little bit less familiar or a little bit less common than the ones over in Europe. Those are just interesting ideas and look I’m not sponsored by any websites or companies in this video. I kind of wish they were sponsoring them because I’m just doing some free advertising, but the ones that I’ve used in the past so I’ve used BlahBlahCar and I thought it was really interesting and worthy enough to put on this list if you’re making some type of trip. 

Hauling Service

Let’s talk about the next one which is by hauling stuff for people. I kind of realized this when I was in high school when I had a pickup truck and I ended up hauling things for friends several times. If they wanted to buy a large piece of furniture or they had to move their bed or their mattress from one apartment to the next and they didn’t have a vehicle, maybe they had a sedan, maybe they had a motorcycle but they weren’t able to move those things because they had a small car or no car whatsoever, so they need somebody with a larger vehicle. 

If you have a truck if you have a van and SUV those could be exciting ways to make some money by just moving stuff for people, especially if you’re living in a city like New York or LA or Washington DC or Philadelphia, where a lot of people just don’t have cars but they need to move apartments or move houses and they need somebody to help them move that stuff that furniture and those various other appliances. It could be something they could be interested in and if you have a larger-sized vehicle you could do that. 


Let’s talk about the next one here which is a little bit less active, a little bit more passive that you can do to still make a decent amount of money and help pay for those car payments or that insurance or whatever another cost you might have with your vehicle and that’s by using a service called Toro or another service call that get around. Both of these services are pretty interesting. 

I have a couple of friends who rent their cars out on this website called Turo, now your car is fully insured through them so what can happen is essential you become the enterprise or the Hertz or the rent-a-car service where you’re renting out your car. People will come to your place or you will meet them, for example, at the airport drop off your car and they will use your car and like I said, you are fully insured through this; so, if they drive it off a cliff and there goes your sixty thousand dollar Corvette, then you’ll be able to get that money back and hopefully that person is alright if they drove off a cliff. It’s something that I just think is interesting. 

I have friends who do this. If you have said two vehicles and you’re just not using one of the vehicles very often you could throw it up on that website called Turo, and get some money and help pay for that car payment at the very least to be able to sustain it, so just very interesting and something that I think is worthy enough to put on this list. 

Driving Safe 

It’s not necessarily something that’s going to be a big cash cow or making you a lot of money, but it is by driving safely. I want you to hear me out here because most insurance companies will kind of give you some type of incentive to drive safer and to drive smarter, so to give an example, here all stay in a lot of states will cut you a check every six months for driving safely and not having any accidents. 

Now, this check might be about fifty dollars depending on where you live and what type of deal you have with them but people can get a check from Allstate for driving safely. It’s not that much money and they’re probably still making money off of you, but it is still something to incentivize you to drive safer. On top of this if you have insurance through something like State Farm they have an app called drive safe and save. 

This app is exciting; I think people should use it but essentially what they will do is, with this app they can track how fast you’re accelerating, how fast you’re taking turns, how your braking patterns are, and how fast you’re going to kind of decide whether or not you’re being a safe driver, a smart driver, or maybe a dangerous driver. 

It incentivizes people to drive safer and drive smarter which honestly is better for you. It’s going to increase your chances of making it out alive of vehicles because car accidents are very dangerous, and a lot of people lose their lives to car accidents every year. 

Not only are you going to save money through insurance by actually getting discounts for being a safe driver, but you can also potentially save your life so it’s definitely something that we had to throw on this list. 


The next one is by actually renting out an RV or a camper or a van through something called RVshare.com and as I mentioned before, I’m not sponsored by any companies on this list, but I just find some of them to be so interesting and that is RV share. If you have an RV or some type of vehicle that is larger or a camper you can make over 10,000 per year by renting out to people who just don’t have an RV but they want to go camping, maybe they want to go on a road trip, and there’s a chance that maybe you’re not using your RV nearly as much as what you thought you would be doing. 

A lot of people have RVs that just sit in their driveway and they don’t use them because they just don’t have the vacation time to use them. So, you can make money off of this and make over $10,000 per year by renting out an RV that you might have that’s just sitting there anyway. You might as well take advantage of it and make some cash. I understand a lot of people don’t have an RV, but if you ever do it in your life, just consider doing this. You might see kind of a similar trend along here; we talked about Toro, renting out your car. We talked about renting out your RV, but you might see that similar trend where essentially we’re kind of entering this what we call the sharing economy where there are so many things you can share that you can rent out, for example, Airbnb. 

You can share a room in your apartment or in your house to make money, you can rent out your kayaks, or you can rent out your boats, or you can rent out your surfboards, so really, anything that is worth some money is valuable you can rent it out. Not just cars, but that’s a tip for anything just find something that you have in your possession that’s worth a decent amount of money, and then kind of just do a little Google search or think about how you can rent this out to people and share it with people in the sharing economy that we live in, it’s very interesting. 

Amazon Flex

Let’s talk about the last two here and we’ll kind of bundle these two together, but look, there’s a lot of services that people need when they are needing groceries or needing packages so you could become something of an Amazon driver. Amazon flex; something that is still up and coming. A lot of people are taking advantage of this, but you’re essentially becoming your own little FedEx or UPS driver, or mail delivery service by doing Amazon Flex. 

A lot of people who are buying stuff on Amazon including myself want these items a lot faster, they don’t want to have to wait a couple of days; they want an instant delivery that day, or next day delivery, and so Amazon trying to keep up with this they have introduced something called Amazon flex, which you essentially become a driver for. This, you can drive your car around and make money on your own time which is the best part about this. 

You can do this after work or on the weekends to make some extra cash put it in your pocket and it’s definitely something that’s going to continue to grow in the future. You’re probably not going to get rich off of it, you’re probably not going to become a millionaire off of it, but just using it to offset the cost of your vehicle can be something that I think people should be taking advantage of, especially if you find yourself in a tough financial position at the moment. 

Maybe you’re struggling to make those car payments, maybe you’re struggling to make those credit card payments, then just doing something like this a couple of hours per week can help solve a lot of those problems.

Instacart, GoPuff, Postmates

The last one here we’ll just mention briefly, but it’s by doing something like Instacart where you’re shopping for people at grocery stores, then delivering that food, and sometimes even putting it in the refrigerator depending on the service that you’re using. It’s kind of like Amazon flex or some of these other ones that you could think about like a Postmates, Doordash, GoPuff 

There’s a whole list of different types of services that you can use to help deliver things to people. People are just going to continue to use these more and more as the demand grows for them. There are so many ways to make money with your car that are to help offset the cost of that vehicle. I hope you found some tips you can use. 

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