Expert Author Keisha Seaton

These days the amount of money needed to lead a comfortable life is increasing drastically and many of us are worried about how to make ends meet. In this article I have listed several ways in which one can save money in your household.  I decided a couple of years ago to stop buying retail.  I don’t buy anything at a store without a coupon, and I do most of my shopping online at Amazon, Ebay, and Walmart, and have what I need shipped to my door.

Telephone A Big Killer

The Telephone is not at all a new face in our homes. Interestingly this is one of the main areas where most people drain their money like an open tap. I know I did. I had a phone company that was costing me double now for what I am paying for Phone, Internet, and Cable. Another way can save with your phone is to try not to make telephone calls, such as long distance, and excessive 411 calls. Also find out the best service provider who can offer you the same service as the competitor but at a reduced cost. If you have Comcast in your area, check with them. They probably will have a package deal that will save you a lot of money, and all on one bill. Remember, by saving a few dollars every month you can add up to a bigger amount in a year’s time. Just think if you are saving $50 bucks a month that is $600 for the year, that you can take, and indulge yourself to a personal treat!

Use Home Appliances That Uses Less Electricity

Generally we do not check how much energy our refrigerator or old washer is consuming. If you check how much these appliances are consuming energy, you will find out one of the main reason why you are receiving huge electric bills. So what will you do? Stop using these things? Why should you stop using your washer or refrigerator if you can get one new which only takes less power? Shop around and find a new model which is much energy efficient than the older ones. Remember to check the energy consumption of the new model you are going to buy one. If there is only a slight difference, there is no use in paying hundreds of dollars for another one. Make sure that in the long run you are selecting a right model, which can save you the highest possible energy savings.

Clip Store Coupons

Do you have the habit of clipping coupons? Clipping coupons is a good way to save money. Nowadays, most stores provide double or triple manufacturers’ coupons on a certain amount so as to attract more and more customers to their shops. This is really a benefit for the customers as they can purchase products at a discounted rate. Some stores even have a discount card for shopping with them. Check with your favorite stores to see if they have, and have it with you at all times.

Before we go on to the next tip I have this story I want to share with you. I remember one day I was in the local grocery store, and I was very impatient with the customer in front of me because she had so many groceries, and then to top it off she had about 1 million coupons to go with it. ( Ok not so much, but a lot.) After the cashier cashed her order, she was over $200.00 in groceries. After all the coupons the lady only had to pay $42.00. My mouth dropped open! I was shocked, and amazed! I am still not that good, but I have learned the values of using coupons; after all they are there for consumers to use! The secret is that companies know that we will not use them that is why they always offer hem! So prove them wrong, and use them! On to the next tip!

Get Free Product Samples

Getting free samples is a good way to save money. Today, most of the manufacturers offer free samples of their products. In such cases, all you have to do is to just send an email or a letter to the respective department. The manufacturers will send you the freebie as a product or a coupon. If you receive a coupon you can purchase the product from any of their shop near your city. You might wonder why ask for a free sample, well, not only getting the coupon that comes with it, but what if you do not like the product, and you go out, and buy it? You have just wasted your money. If you are a too proud personality, better avoid using this step.

Shop At Wholesale Clubs

Shopping from the wholesale clubs can save money. Generally, most of the wholesale clubs provide 10 to 30% discounts than supermarkets. These shops also take coupons also. Wholesales clubs are like BJ’s , Costco’s, and Sam’s Club just to name a few. I save tons of money when I shop in a bulk, yes you might spend more money upfront, but the consumables will last longer in your household.

Shop and Compare

Today, with the advent of Internet, customers are getting the opportunity to compare any product they are about to purchase. So before you make any purchase, compare the price and other details of the product you wish to buy. This helps you to choose the same product or service at a less rate. If you are one of those shoppers that must go to the store to buy, then you will have already know where to go to get the product that you want. Saving you money on gas for your car! Now if you want to find the best person that can shop, and compare, talk to my mother!

Reuse and Recycle

There are several items which you throw away thinking of no use from it. However, some of these products can be recycled and reused in numerous ways. So make sure that the objects you discard are definitely of no use. Also, certain products you think of no use can be sold at a garage so that you can earn some money than just throwing it away. Also check with your city to see if they have a recycle system in place.

Shopping Is Deadly

Another main area where most of us spent lots of money is for clothes and costumes. Over the past few years, it is seen that the price of clothes are continuously increasing. Hence it is better to purchase quality clothes which lasts for a longer run. This helps you to save money by purchasing only good clothes rather than the ‘throw away’ types. Most of us only buy clothes because it is the new fad, or it is the “season”. Well to keep up with the fads, or season can cost you big. Static’s show that consumers purchase more than they need.

These are some easy ways to save money. There are many such countless ways to save money. After all, saving money is not just putting all your income in your saving account. Saving money is about how efficiently you are spending your income by keeping an eye on all the unnecessary expenses. I hope that you will use these tips to start saving more money for your money.