How to Avoid Paying for Things You

Can Get for Free

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Is anything free? Don’t burn a hole in your wallet when you can get what you want for free with just a little work and ingenuity. Here are a few tips:


  1. Make it yourself. Locate a tutorial for a method to fabricate a product. There are plenty of free Do-It-Yourself projects online or at the library. You may already have the raw materials in your home.
  2. Search reliable sites. Search with general and specific words or phrases. Try using the word “free” in your search. Google is a reliable site.
  3. Spend no more than an hour. One hour per product is plenty of time to know if an item is freely available.
  4. Try freecycle. Trading and bargaining for unwanted trash, treasures and leftovers is an active community. Literally, anything you need may be available at sometime for free. Check the sites frequently, as new items and offers arrive daily.
  5. Look on free web-building sites. Secrets may be accidently revealed by someone who just bought a particular product. They may not have an understanding that describing copywrited processes or plans is illegal. Geocities is a free web-building site.
  6. Avoid spending money. Free should be absolutely free and sometimes with free shipping or postage as well. Watch for gimmics that may draw you into a site, such as the great reputation of a product, quotes from previous customers or an application to a newsletter. Requests for a payment may be found towards the end of an advertisement. Do not give away your email address.
  7. Understand advertising. Don’t fall for false advertising. If it’s too good to be true, it’s probably not legitimately true. Remember, advertisers are paid to sell you something; of course, they’ll make everything look and sound fantastic.
  8. Appreciate comparison. Searching will offer a wide variety of information. Product description, shipping charges, warrantees or sales are all valuable to know. When you do spend money, you’ll know you’re spending it wisely.


  • Avoid Piracy. Realize that most things in life are not free. In the long run, stealing things such as music, movies or software that are so-called “free” on the Internet can be very costly.

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